Tuesday, 3 September 2013


It's not unusual to find the Teen Princess laughing away at her phone screen (on one social network or another) and the other day was no different.  As I sat bored waiting for her to bring me the cup of tea she had promised 20 minutes earlier, I asked her who she was talking to and began a verbal list of different friends I thought it might be.  Having listed all the usual suspects I was really surprised to be told it was one of her primary school friends.  

I suppose the reason I was so surprised by this was that for me when I walked through the gates to go home on my last day of primary school, the end to that day meant an end to a lot of the really good friendships I had formed.  For the Teen it is so different, the little girls who meet in reception and say they will be friends forever, might really end up friends forever! 

This is one of the reasons I like social networks, I have been able to reconnect to some old friends and even been introduced to family members I didn't know.  Despite certain networks being great for a catch-up they do have there  downside.  Facebook for example has been linked to all kinds of horrible happenings; divorce, peer pressure and depression or 'unhappiness' as it was shown in a recent study.  This doesn't make me any less likely to use it but it does make me want to cut down the amount of time it takes out of my and of course the amount of time the Teen is exposed to it's 'dangers'.

Thankfully we are very much readers in this home and both the teen, Littleman and I easily slip back into the world of books and imagination.

Teen Princess reading Littleman his bedtime story <3

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