Saturday, 28 September 2013

ActionAid - Childhood Memories

@adadcalledspen wrote a fab post this week about ActionAid's #Rebuild campaign.  The campaign was launched to help rebuild the lives of the children who have been traumatised by war.  

Some celebrities have joined ActionAids campaign and recreated childhood memories to draw attention for the need these children have, the need to feel happy, to feel safe, to have great opportunities for the future and to create their own childhood memories that don't involve conflict and sadness.

My childhood memory involves me snuggled up under the covers with a book (often one of Enid Blyton's).  Picking up the same book some years later and reading the first few lines is like meeting up with old friends and reliving the stories they told when I first met them.  Their excitement drawing me in to their tale...

Some people save their old clothes for their children, I save my old books :-)

You can watch Sarah Alexander (Ambassador for ActionAid) visit Sierra Leone and see what ActionAid's child sponsorship is doing there and the work that still needs to be done "to help give a generation their lives back."  You can also see some celebrities recreating their childhood memories.  

This is a chance to have a bit of fun, recreate a memory and most importantly bring attention to a well deserved cause.  

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