Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Bug I Don't Mind Them Catching!

Teen Princess, Little Man and I love reading.  There is something about picking up a book and getting ready to enter a new world of imagination that excites me, sad as that may be.  I was one of those classic little girls that would hide under the covers at night, long past the time when I should have been asleep. Book in hand and whatever device that emitted a light bright enough for me to just make out the words on each page.  

The Teen Princess is EXACTLY the same, bedtime does not equal bedtime, her mobile phone acts as a torch until I check on her and have to remove the slightly dampened book from beneath her cheeks.

I thought this was a girl thing, my brother Daniel was never an enthusiastic reader so when Little Man came along I expected it to be all cars, dinosaurs and trains, which to an extent it is.  Little Man however also loves being read to, he picks up the words of the story and tries to 'read along' and this makes me very happy.  

We snuggle together in the smallest of spaces and read, it bonds us just like it did with the Teen Princess and I pray that his love of books never fades.

This week I'd like to share with you his favourite book of the moment.

Do you have the book bug?  What are your little ones favourites? 

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