Friday, 13 September 2013

70 is a big number

My dad is 70 today, that is a big number.  I wanted to write a post that reflects the good memories my slice of those years have held with my father.  I scanned photo albums and noticed there were none of my dad and I when I was a young child, it didn't surprise me.  So all I can really offer is my faded memories and a few more recent snaps.

I remember first arriving in the UK and fighting my brother to sit on my fathers lap.  That was when my father represented strength to me, when I knew him as little more than a powerful, tall (compared to me) man who I should address by the name dad.  That is of course not his name, he is Whitfield Whittington Houston, a very posh sounding name, but everyone calls him Tex which is much more fitting to his character.

What I most like about my dad is his tendency to talk at length on any topic know to man.  I like that he keeps fit, even in his old age.  I like that he was in the army and sometimes tells stories of his travels and experiences.  I like that he would take my siblings and I to watch him play cricket or drive us to the beach on sunny days.  I like that he taught me the importance of sticking up for myself.  I like that though he didn't play a huge role in our upbringing he was always present and I like that I have someone I can call dad.

He will probably never see this post.  I will wish him happy birthday soon as my sister has planned a birthday dinner, for which I am requested to provide mac n cheese and some cupcakes, which I suppose are my specialty.

70 is a big number, happy 70th Dad.
Dad with 4 out of his 6 children.  We are wearing father daughter shirts lol

Dad with Little Man 

Dad last month at Little Man's Birthday Party

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