Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Birthday Boy

Little man turned 2 yesterday and what a lovely day we had.  He woke up in the morning and opened his cards whilst singing himself happy birthday (we had sung it for him first). We had a French student visiting us again that day so hadn't made any major plans.  All I knew is that I wanted little man to feel special and with all the kisses and cuddles he got he was certainly feeling loved.  

He had a shower and Tee dressed him in his new football kit (bought out of her pocket money) and my brother arrived to take us to Christmas Tree Farm.

I now know that Daniel does not like farm animals!

Reaching for his uncle to escape the goats

I must admit I've never really been that good with farm animals either, apart from horses, but I really enjoyed meeting the animals this time and even managed to hold a kid.  I will be taking little man to the farm much more often and hopefully he will start to enjoy the animals.

After the farm we went to TGIs for dinner and he absolutely loved when they sang him happy birthday.  

It was then back home to give him a long awaited haircut so he could end his birthday as a 'real toddler'.  He has a lot more fun in store with his birthday party on Saturday but I'm dreading it as I'm not great with lots of people in one space and there is so much to do so I better get off my blog and get on with it!

I will be adding more birthday pictures over on my facebook page and you can check out his new hair!

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