Sunday, 28 July 2013

Unbroken Bonds

Looking at these two beautiful smiling faces you would be forgiving for thinking they were nothing short of angelic, and for approximately 10 minutes of the day split up into 5 second periods, they are!  This even more so when they get together.  These cousins born only one week apart are as close as brothers and as such they play like brothers, love like brothers and FIGHT like brothers.

When they are playing nicely they swap toys, they 'read' books and they sit in bed with their feet tucked under the covers talking and laughing like a pair of old women.  

As with all toddlers the moment they go silent we know they are up to something.  The usual list of silent mischief is climbing on cupboards, opening nail varnish bottles and emptying the content on the floor, plastering themselves in 'daddies' hair products, putting things down the toilet or throwing the newly laundered clothing all over the floor.

And when there isn't silence or laughter, there are tears hitting, pushing, taking away toys, throwing things at each other or not sharing a book.  Thankfully as they are getting older these moments are less frequent and usually happen when one or both are tired.  I love watching them learn and grow together, their loving relationship reminds me of some children I know...

My sister Kim & I at the front, 2 of our brothers at the back

Things aren't the same as how they used to be for us back then of course our lives now are very different, we are adults with families of our own, but the one thing that remains is the bond of love.

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