Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Into the Archives - The Gallery

This weeks theme at The Gallery is 'Into the Archives'.  We have been challenged by Tara to dust off our old albums and look for a photo.  I'm a pretty sentimental person when it comes to photo memories, so far from my albums being dusty (they are a little dusty) they are well used, so well used that they are falling apart!

The two pictures I have chosen are special to me for very different reasons.  The first is a picture of myself.

This is the youngest picture I have of myself, unlike my children, who will have more than enough evidence that their heads were either cone shaped (the teen princess born by natural delivery)  or to big to fit through my pelvis (little man born by c-section).  They will be able to see what they looked like throughout the years, and will have plenty of mementos of those special childhood moments like graduating nursery, sports day and prom.  

My childhood photos create a scattered image of my childhood, much like my memories.  I wish I had more of them but I cherish the ones I do have.

The second picture I chose was this...

That's me at the front in the blue dress matching the blue of my grandmothers dress

This photo was taken in 1980's Barbados at the wedding of my aunt, it was after my mum had left to join my father here and I was still back home with my grand parents and brother.  I love this picture because although it doesn't contain my parents, all of my siblings or my children it does still contain a lot of the people I care most about in the world.  I love looking at the smiling faces of my grandparents, my grandfather (may he rest in perfect peace) with his grey dickie-bow and glamorous wife right by his side her arm lovingly placed on his shoulder, having been together since the tender age of 15.  

That's the kind of love I cherish, the love of a supportive family.

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