Saturday, 6 July 2013

I'm a big boy now!

In just one more month my babe in arms who was unable to walk, talk, or even smile.  

My innocent little treasure that relied on me for everything and wouldn't leave my side, will be a fully fledged toddler. 

My baby is turning two.   

He can now run, sing songs and have a short conversation.  He tells me what he likes or doesn't like and though he still relies on me for a lot he is now so much more independent.   He feeds himself, likes to bathe himself and brush his own teeth, he makes jokes and laughs with us.  He is mummies big boy.  

Each new stage of his development brings with it both joys and challenges.  I know how quickly the time passes they soon turn from toddlers to pre-schoolers, pre-schoolers to school children, school children to teens and finally, before you know it, they are adults with their own families.  The will take their turn at making mental notes of each new thing their child/ren learns and will cherish every moment they can share with them before the cycle begins again.  

I now have a glimpse of how my mother felt watching my siblings and I grow and change into the people we are today.  Proud of every rise and ready to be there to help through every fall.  

I hope my children know that as long as I live I will hold their hand both physically and metaphorically.

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