Monday, 15 July 2013

Cheering, French and Give Me Strength!

This week was a busy one I won't bore you with all the details (mainly because I can't remember them as I have a sieve like memory).  I do however remember collecting my Godson from school as his mum had an appointment.  The process was pretty smooth until his younger brother decided to scare the life out of me and run out of sight, luckily he only ran to his Nan's house (which is where we were heading anyway) two doors away from the school gate.  

Daniel really loves playing them especially the younger one, or rather he enjoys following him around and copying what he says much to the annoyance of my Godson.

The teen princess had a friend over on Friday night.  You know when they get to the teen stage it's not all of their friends that you want around, much like adults some of them have personalities you just don't take to.  However this particular friend is a joy to have around, one of those teens that is well behaved, enjoys a laugh and complements my horrid old school photos (they do exist!)  I do hope, like my best friend and I, they remain friends long after they have left school.

I then had to take them to their cheer comp on Saturday.  I'm always proud watching my baby girl do her 'cheer thang' as I call it (trying to be cool but totally missing the cool ship and being left behind on the island of outdated mothers!)  They didn't do as well as they would have liked (the girls are very hard on themselves) but I still thought they were fantastic especially considering the heat in the sports stadium.

Sunday came so fast and though it's usually the day we put our feet up and relax (after getting uniform and dinner ready.) This Sunday stopped to watch my friend kick a ball whilst on the way to another friends house.  It was just the teen and I because little man was home with mum, it's great having her around and little man now doesn't mind when I pop out without him for a few hours, which is great!  We went to visit our tree and took a few snaps.

The teen and I had carved our name in the tree before little man was born,
we went back with him and added the D after his birth

Forever the Model

The teen and I had been given the task of collecting a French student who is staying with my friend and is the same age as the teen.  We collected her promptly then spent all day driving around half of London looking for a mattress.  We entertained her until my friend came home that evening and It was very interesting trying to have a conversation with someone who speaks very little English, though with my limited French we manage to find out lots about her and her family, as well as what she likes doing.  I look forward to seeing her again soon after my friend has taught her some English and seeing her progress!

After such a busy couple of days I am super thankful for the rest today and will be doing absolutely nothing... apart from all the things I have to do for the children.  Give me strength!

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