Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bundle of Joy, Kate & William's baby boy!

Until today the royal baby has been last on my list of news to keep up with.  I like many of the nation heard through the grapevine that Kate was in labour yesterday and as I walked through green park on a pre-planned visit to Trafalgar Square and Oxford street, I paid no real attention to the gathering crowd. I did not for one second think about waiting around for the birth announcement to arrive nor did I choose to rush home to watch the story unfold on television. 

I felt rather sorry for him clad in his formal wear in the hottest day of the year so far!

I continued my trip as planned dipping my feet in the water at Trafalgar Square and climbing up to get a picture with the famous lions before heading down to oxford street to watch the teen spend her pocket money on countless pieces of tat. (Pictures to follow when I find my camera!)

What made me want to watch today was catching that first glimpse, not the first glimpse of the baby, though of course a new baby is always lovely to see, but the first glimpse of Kate.  It's hard enough being a new mum without having to step outside the hospital to hundreds of cameras clicking away at you.  Kate, as usual, carried herself with class and despite the after baby bump (which was refreshing to see, I'm sure some had imagined that she would come out of the hospital looking 'back to normal,') she looked radiant.  

What I loved most was seeing William, after having lead their conversation with the press, acting in his rightful role as his wife's protector, swiftly come back out, click in the car seat like a pro, and drive his family home.  By the looks of it baby Cambridge has the beginnings of an awesome father and Wills has the profess, provide and protect role of a man down to a tee. Congratulations to these new parents because as the world watches on they will have to face the challenges that all parents face and I wish them well.

In other news I got dumped by a 'girl friend' via whats app message, but I won't dwell too long on that, it's not the first time!

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