Saturday, 22 June 2013

Not another Mug!

For all of those thinking, the end of term is coming up soon and it's time to purchase those teacher gifts, here is a guide to some teachers gifts they will really love.  The truth is most teachers see the gift you get them, or lack of, is a reflection on how you thought of them as a teacher.  Hate me if you must but there are just some gifts we will leave in the staff room accidentally on purpose!  (Only joking we aren't that ungrateful)

First things first we do love mugs saying best teacher etc but only in the first year of our teaching career, If your teacher has been teaching for a long time she could restock the shelves at Tesco's with her mug collection!

1. A gift voucher... find out your teachers favourite shop and buy her a voucher for it, teachers won't admit it but we love to compare gifts with the teacher next door and boasting about the 'ten pound gift voucher' you got from Timmy will always beat the £10 bouquet of flowers Mrs M got from her favourite student Penny.  (of course we don't really have favourites.)

2. A bottle of wine... if your teacher is a drinker (not all of us are) we love a good glass of wine after school to de-stress and odds are if it's the last day of summer term we've planned a 'schools out' get together with our colleagues or a bunch of friends we haven't seen for a while.

3. Chocolate... as a rule most teachers LOVE chocolate and if they don't they will often do the 'gift swap'  - yes we go from classroom to classroom hoping someone will exchange our box of chocolates for their bottle of wine!  And if you want your teacher not to give your box of chocolates away as a Christmas gift the key is to write all over the box to Mrs M from James.

4.  Flowers... we do like flowers but the truth is by the time we pack the car full of all our 'summer homework' in preparation for the next school year we can just about fit the flowers in.  They end up looking more like a bunch of twigs than a bunch of flowers by the end of our journey.  The best thing to do is opt for a plant at least if the flowers break off on the journey home it will hopefully bloom again next year.

5.  Pens or better still board markers... they may seem like a boring gift but teachers can NEVER have enough pens, we loose them everywhere or run out of ink every other day and the school cupboard always seems to run out just before we get to it.

And don't think that you have to spend lots of money to make your teachers happy...

6.  Hand drawn pictures of themselves... teachers love to see how you see them and find it very cute when you have taken the effort to draw them a picture.

7.  A snow globe (can be found in the pound shop) with a picture of you and them together...  It makes the ideal paper weight and the picture will bring back lots of fond memories.

8.  A set of stationary... scissors, rulers, staplers, notebooks.  These things all come in handy for the job.

9.  A book... we don't get loads of time for reading but most of us love a good book and you can pick up some great bargain books in a charity shop.

10. A hug, some tears and a heartfelt goodbye... It's free and  there is nothing a teacher likes more than a parent or child telling them how much they have appreciated them over the year and how much they have helped their child achieve, after all, that is the reason why we do what we do.  We want to see you become independent learners who enjoy learning new things.

I don't have the endless task pleasure of teaching a classroom of 30+ pupils anymore, I now spend my days with a much smaller 1:1 or 1:2 ratio...

My easily distracted 22 month old!

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