Friday, 21 June 2013

Cut to Confidence?

Confidence is such an important thing to have, in recent months I have lacked in this, not in terms of my abilities as a mother, my ability to write, or my willingness to address an audience but more in my appearance.

I love lots of things about me but have a few things that really bug me, not that you could tell by looking at my recent photos.

Generally speaking I'm not one of those that waits for her boyfriend to tell her she looks good or whines on at him about how my tummy needs a ton of fat sucked out.  In fact in a past life (a very very past life), I've been know to send a nude picture or two (sorry mum).  

I reserve those self scrutinising comments for when I'm in the company of my female friends, who are all equally unhappy with some if not all of their body parts.  I'm sure not all of us feel this way but a lot of us do and the media probably has a lot to do with it!  I've seen more adverts for teeth whitening, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty in the last few days than I've had hot dinners (and trust me when I say I have no choice but to cook something daily!)  What is even more amazing is that despite having watched top 10 plastic surgery disasters and similar shows we are not put off by faces like this...

What I do wonder is if having had the magic treatment would we then be satisfied and stop?  I happen to know at least three women who have opted to go 'under the knife'.  All claim to be extremely satisfied with the outcome but at least two have disclosed wanting to have something else done.

That being said, given the chance, I still would!  Would you?

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