Monday, 17 June 2013

Bug Busters - A review

When asked to review a hygiene pack from the Noroclear range I thought why not?

I am a firm believer in letting children get messy.  Not your average oh dear you got drink down your top messy but roll around in the mud, climb trees or cover yourself in paint and check out the bugs in the garden kind of messy.  

I do however like to know that after getting as messy as possible, I can then make them as clean as possible to avoid catching all those horrid illnesses that children seem to pick up.

For those of you who like me would much prefer to wash our hands after playing in mud, the wipes provide a great alternative.  They are very wet so really give you that feeling of having just washed your hands and surprisingly don't leave your skin feeling dry like many others do (this could be attributed to the Aloe Vera used in them.)

I found myself using the hand rub instead of the wipes to clean my hands before a meal, and the surface wipes are perfect for giving highchairs that extra wipe when eating in restaurants.

They claim to protect against 99.99% of superbugs including MRSA and Norovirus.  At £12.99 the pack is a bit pricey but I guess it's about what you are prepared to spend to keep your children virus free.

To purchase your pack or find out more about what they have to offer visit their website.

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