Friday, 3 May 2013

What I'd Do For A Muffin :)

In between lots of writing for the different projects I have going at the moment I've managed to fit in some fun with the family.  On Monday my sister and I took the train up to Balham, little man in tow.  

After sorting out a bit of official stuff, a lovely little cafe called Bertie & Boo caught my eye, and we decided to stop in for a cuppa and a cake.  The cake I brought cost about £2.55, actually it was a chocolate muffin, though I wasn't too impressed with the price at first, after I took my first bite I didn't mind so much having spent the money on it!  It was delicious!

I left my camera at home so didn't get a chance to take any photo's but my sister took a lovely one of all the cupcakes on offer.  Mine was the oh so chocolaty one right at the back, whilst my sister opted for one of the ones at the front which surprisingly cost a little more at £2.75

I do wish we'd taken photos of the actual cafe.  It was one of those places that brought you back to your childhood, took you on an ocean adventure and still allowed you the sophistication of a 'grown up' social spot.  Old school style tables and music from the swinging sixties (said as if I was there,) gave the place that fun feeling that you look for when out with the kids.

We really must go back when we have both the boys with us so they can play in the soft play area.

Our Youngest

As well as that I took a trip into Leicester Square with my Prince and Princess yesterday as The Teen Princess had a casting up there.  Although we are not Star Trek fans we couldn't help but being drawn in by the media hype surrounding the premiere of the newest movie and we were just in time to see Zoe Saldana arrive looking lovely as ever.

Captured from the screen as we weren't close enough for a 'real' pic
After squeezing in a trip round M&M world we headed back to good old South London.

We stopped at an all you can eat buffet and I'm very proud to say that a lady came up to me and said, "let me give you a touch because your hair looks amazing!"

Go me, Afro loving smiles, as I've worked hard maintaining it :)

And just in case you're wondering this is NOT a sponsored post.

More Pics :)

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