Monday, 27 May 2013

Potty Training and a Party

I used to think potty training was easy, I have potty trained children when I worked in nursery and have potty trained my daughter but this little angel is my toughest challenger yet!

The problem is not that he can't use the potty, it's more that he only wants to use it when he is in a good mood or wants to show off.  I need to get some tips to get him out of nappies and into big boy pants. 

It probably doesn't help that we've been out and about quite a bit recently but I suppose he has to get used to using the loo in different environments.

As soon as potty training is over it's new carpets for the house, a perfect excuse to give it a mini make over!

We went to a party yesterday for his 2 year old friends and it was great to watch him run around and enjoy the company of the other children. And the teen did an excellent job of keeping an eye on him whilst mummy chatted with the grown ups.

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