Friday, 10 May 2013

No Tears Today

The pattern of my days really change when we are trying to set up a workshop, it's a juggling act of doing the daily tasks alongside the work tasks.  Today started well, after having my bed to myself for a whole week (little man has taken to going to bed with his big sis)  I woke up feeling revived.

My first objective for the day was to get little man feed and ready then sort myself out to go and post a package and pick up some shopping.  For once breakfast time went as it should, little man built aimpromptu tower out of medicine bottles showing very good skill (will add pics tomorrow) and then 
he let me get ready with very little fuss.  After breakfast (for me a shake) it was off to the CVA to drop in our funding application.

Whilst waiting for the receptionist to find the right person to give the application to, a guy came in with his partner and child to talk about his project.  He handed me a flyer for his upcoming fun day and I couldn't help overhearing as he spoke more about his project. I did some research and found that his website is still in construction but his page on facebook has been started.  From what I grasped he is working on a magazine for the young and modern dad, trying to provide young fathers with support and tools needed to be a father. With 35% of children born to fathers under 30 in 2011 this is something needed.  As a society we do tend to focus more on the needs of the mother and though this is a changing trend there is still a lot more that can be done.

After that I went to work with my sister we typed up our planning whilst the boys played.  For the first time in ages they actually played together really nicely, today there were no tears.

I had cooked a big dinner yesterday so i knew there was no cooking to be done tonight.  I love days like this when 
everything that needs doing gets done and I can return home and relax with a good book or a pen in my hand.

Unfortunately my laptop is playing up again so I'll add some relevant pictures when I can but for now I will leave you with two little faces that always make me smile.

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