Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Modern Dads

On Saturday I took the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and do something fun with the children whilst networking.  We got ready (we being Daniel, Tianna, Ella and I) and after meeting up with my big sister Kimmi, made our way to the CVA centre in West Croydon.

We were attending a Fun day.  The fun day was to raise money for Modern Dads Magazine to print their first edition.  We met with the founders Shaun and Danielle, who were busy hosting the event and making sure the children were having fun.

The event was small but what really made it lovely was the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the hosts and those working with them.  Even all the children in attendance we well mannered and willing to interact with the others.

At the moment I'm all about helping those who try to help others no matter how big or small their efforts.  We can do so much to change and better our communities by just reaching out and I applaude those who do their bit.

To find out more about Modern Dads Magazine visit their facebook page  and send them a message.

On another note I have my own event coming up very soon.  Me and the WKYW team are holding a budgeting event, it's not part of our usual program but we have enlisted some great speakers to come along and provide useful insight into budgeting, business start up and network marketing.  Best of all it's free! Find out more here.

Just in case you are wondering this is not a sponsored post x

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