Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Me, Me Me, Me Me

It's been oh so long since I joined in with The Gallery because life seems to have become very busy. Trust me to join in with it when the theme is self portraits.

 I am not apposed to taking pictures of myself, far from it, I actually love a self portrait.  The problem is I usually take the same photo up to 10 times to get it just right.  I think I may be my own biggest critic, the list of reasons to delete a photo usually goes like this; my eyes aren't open, my smile isn't real enough, the camera is too close.  So for this gallery post I'm going to post three photos taken first time, no repeats no second guessing just the raw untamed close up reality that is me and I'm afraid I don't wear make up so if you don't like natural images look away NOW!

Taken on ipad 2 front camera, not so good

Taken on Canon ixus 230 hs

Canon ixus 230 hs

On another note my sister Kimmi has caught the blogging bug and is now blogging at 

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