Tuesday, 7 May 2013

3 Slices of Cake on The BBQ

I was supposed to start a diet yesterday forgetting it was a bank holiday... Epic fail.  I was invited to a BBQ and ate through a large cheese burger then rice & peas and chicken.  If that wasn't enough I went home and had 3 small slices of chocolate cake (as if them being small makes a difference to the fact there were three slices!) followed by a slice of angel cake.

So today, Tuesday.  I started again and this morning I had a vi shake that tasted great and I'm looking forward to dropping some pounds.  I think my body needs to get used to the idea of breakfast as I'm always so busy sorting Daniel that I don't usually have more than a couple of crackers or anything quick, easy and full of calories, so this was definitely a big change.

I then went to meet for a play day.  It's been a little while since I met up with Sim so we took the children to the park and Daniel got to play with her lovely miracle babies.  They are referred to as miracle babies as she was told it was impossible for her to have children, but that's her story to tell.

Daniel & Twins

Sim & Daniel

It was lovely watching our three play so nicely together, Daniel however is so used to doing his own thing that he didn't stay with the group for long.

Little man leading the group

We went back to Sims for lunch which consisted of pasta with tuna and kidney beans, that's healthy isn't it?  I'm really going to have to start calorie counting or something, I'm no good with food :). So tomorrow I'll try again, a vi shake for breakfast another for lunch and goodness knows what for dinner!  Wish me luck.

I'm also about to start insanity workout, if anyone has tried it let me know your experience x

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