Friday, 12 April 2013

Pee Stains and Lipstick

My children are changing so much and so quickly.  People are always reminding you to, "treasure every moment because they grow up so fast." 
Somewhere between cleaning up the third 'accident' of the morning from potty training, sweeping up the sherds from your favorite mug that the toddler has managed to get hold of, and telling the teen to wash the bright red lipstick from her mouth before she leaves the house, you tend to forget to treasure the moments.

All made up for cheerleading

The relationship between the teen princess and her brother has become even more beautiful to watch as he grows.  He is no longer the crying baby that disturbs her when she's busy making her home videos, she now calls him to join in on them!  

She loves to jump in to the rescue just after he's been told off with a big cuddle and fingers pointing at a 'naughty mummy'.  I can tell that not long from now I will have a son that is very good at getting his sister to get him out of trouble :)

Daniel's language is continuing to develop very well and he will not hesitate to tell you when he see's a pretty girl, as was the case when we went shopping in Westfields the other day.  We stopped for a bite to eat and he climbed onto the table to talk to a baby girl who was sitting opposite.  He's showing that when he knows what he want's he'll go for it :)


The teen is talking about starting her GCSE program next year and the toddler has pretty much learnt his alphabet and if you catch him in a good mood he may count with you up to 20.  

They really are growing up quickly and regardless of the fact that raising them alone has not been easy, I'm so proud of the little people they are becoming and love the more with every passing second.

As for me I've been busy, busy, busy.  Women Know Your Worth held another workshop and we got some really positive feedback and requests for subjects to cover in future workshops.  Our website is being set up (all by ourselves I might add) and we are working on a book project.  Life is pretty good right now, all I'm waiting on is a little bit of sunshine so I will be more enthused to get out and about.

It's not always easy to treasure the moments but my promise to myself and my children is that I will try.

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