Monday, 11 March 2013

Invisible Breakfast

Mother's Day yesterday was a really lovely day for me, not because of the lovely card and presents that my daughter had gone out of her way to buy, but because of the people I spent the day with.  The morning began with a cup of coffee made by the pre-teen princess and an invisible breakfast.  The pre-teen then she decided we were all (my son, my daughter and her little sister) in need with a bit of morning fun.  

After all that exercise we needed to have a good dinner and we were invited to my best friends home for just that.  

Then it was on to 'In Celebration of my Sisters' at the Fairfield Halls.  My sister's and I along with my sister's friend and my children, had a great time.  

All the acts were good, but the the acts I enjoyed most were: Yolanda Brown, Floetic Lara, Felicity Ethnic and another comedian, who's name I can't remember, that did a Bajan woman sketch which was so funny it even had Daniel laughing in his sleep!

All in all that was a wonderful mother's Day :)

Little man wanted to be in mummies hands!