Monday, 25 March 2013

Grey Hairs and a Teenager!

There has been so much going on in the life of MummG that I haven't had a minute to take a proper breath let alone write a blog post.  There is so much I could share with my readers but I will start with the one I am most proud of, I no longer have a pre-teen princess.  As of the weekend the pre-teen is officially a teen 13!!!

So now that I have a teenage daughter and a few more grey hairs what does this mean?  I have long stopped deluding myself with fantasies of a perfectly behaved teenager, who holds back on the make up and doesn't ogle over all the boys in the latest boy band.  Gone are the days of me having a closet full of clothing and accessories to myself.  Forget having to tell her to go and bathe, now I have to tell her if she washes anymore she'll have no skin left!  But all moaning aside, I am so grateful that my baby has grown into a beautiful teen.

Posted this picture for her birthday

 When I was 20 weeks pregnant with my teen princess, I thought that I would be re-living the same traumatic experience I had with Reanne (see my earlier post, Love & Loss).  I was taken to hospital in an ambulance brought into surgery to have a cervical stitch, and given drugs to stop any pending contractions.  Every day from then until the moment of her birth I worried that I would lose her.  Unfortunately that worry never goes away, but it does make me grateful for every moment, every smile, every hug and even every tantrum.  She is a true blessing.

One of her birthday gifts, as she loves singing so much, is a  pop star experience day plus dance workshop at scream studios in South London.  Watch this space as I will be reviewing the experience on the blog x

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