Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Come into my World :)

The only time I remember feeling as positive about life as I do now was in childhood.  It was then that I felt that everything was possible, even those things usually found in the world of the imagined.  I was one of those children that as well as having a handful of good friends and a wonderful family, I had a whole world full of imaginary friends and even imaginary an imaginary dog named Pippa.  I was the type of child that through persuasion and my ability to tell stories, I could invite people into my world, and make them believe in the impossible.  I often remind my brother of how easily fooled he was into entering my imagination.

Now as an adult my positive attitude has been combined with knowledge and experience.  In trying my best to stay on a positive journey I try to encourage others to come on that journey with me.

As some of you may know the 2nd Women's meeting took place on the 2nd February in my home and was a time of great encouragement and sharing.  Though there have been a few issues since I spent my time to edit an audio to share with my readers so here it is, hope you enjoy x

Women Know Your Worth - Session2

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