Saturday, 19 January 2013

I'm Only Human

I haven't written a post in a while, mainly because I've been busy planning and writing for our next Women Know Your Worth event and posting on our facebook page.  WKYW started because of a conversation my friend and I had.  We discussed how so many times in our lives in our decisions regarding relationships, careers and life in general we had sold ourselves short.  We had taken our quality product (ourselves) and lowered the asking price, not because we had gone down in value but because we had forgotten our value.  I personally had allowed one unhealthy relationship to crush my spirit and lead me not long after into another unhealthy 'relationship.'  One that was not only unhealthy for me but caused a rift in my extended family.  Sometimes one does things thinking, "It's just a bit of fun."  But every action has a consequence be it bad or good.  

Children ALWAYS ask the questions that you are not ready or willing to answer and they don't stop until they get a good enough response.  The question that I've been asked by some of the children in my extended family recently is the question most adults want to ask me but don't have the guts or the innocence to just ask, instead they beat around the bush with questions like,  "What nationality is Daniel's dad?"   "Where did you meet his dad?"    "How long were you with his dad?"  When the question they really want to know is "Who is Daniels dad?"  It's not even that I wouldn't answer the question if asked, it's just that I wont answer the question unless asked.  The fact is that was a situation in which I sold myself short, not because of the person himself, though he wasn't ideal, but more because of the secrets and overall lack of consideration for anyone else.  I had spent so much time in my long term relationship focusing on that person and not wanting to disrupt their extended family that this time the only person I wanted to please was myself.

We all have the opportunity to learn from the poor decisions we make and trust me I have learnt from mine, which is why encouraging others to know their worth through WKYW is so important to me.  It is not your mistakes that made you, it is you that made them, which means you have power over them.  You can't always change them but you can change you and that, I feel, is the most important lesson.  I'm only human I of course will continue to make mistakes but I've spent a little over 2 years on my own rebuilding the person I was before all the bad decisions and am much happier because of it.   Now that I know my worth, it will be easier to find a life partner who recognizes that worth and also knows theirs.

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