Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Afro Love

This post is all about hair!  There are so many natural hair blogs that I'm often left feeling a little overwhelmed but what I've come to realise since doing the big chop is that in essence they are all saying the same thing hair like mine needs water, conditioner and oils with the occasional snipping of damaged ends.  

Since I've worked out what works well for me I've had no problem maintaining natural healthy hair and it seems to be growing nicely.  I use a mixture of raw Shea butter and Keracare natural oils daily and I ALWAYS put my ends away be it in plaits or twists and wrap with a silk scarf for bed. At the moment because my hair is in the in-between stage I like to wear an Afro.  I occasionally use a bit of Eco Styler Gel if I want to add definition, but I don't mind the fluffy texture of my hair, so this is only if I get bored.  

All this was working perfectly well until I decided that my first and only heat styling since the big chop would be done in the salon.  I had a treatment and press so that I could do a length check.  What I ended up with was a little bit of heat damage (which hopefully isn't permanent) and a very dry scalp.  Why is it that when you go to the hair dressers they have to dry you under the dryer, then blow dry then put you under the dryer again?!?  I will not be heat styling again at least until around June and hopefully by then I will have found a hairdresser who knows how to use heat without causing damage!

So tonight it will be a protein treatment and a prayer in the hope that my hair will love me for it in the morning!

My favourite hair blogs at the moment for tips and idea's on how to look after my own and my children's hair are Kinkycurlycoilyme.com, curlynikki.com and chocolatehairvanillacare.com

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