Monday, 17 December 2012

Too Much Technology

I sold my car my earlier in the year at the time it seemed like a great idea, Daniel hated being in the car seat and would scream the entire length of any journey.  Not only that but the weather was good and walking was  my main way of shifting the baby fat not to mention the fact that I needed the money to pay for my holiday.  Now that it's cold I'm slightly regretting it.  I hate having to put on so many layers and leave my nice warm house to venture into the cold and wait on buses, hence I've not been out much.  

I did however promise my friend that I would come to visit her church and go back to hers for lunch, so on yesterday that's exactly what I did.  When I left the house and got to the bus stop 29 minutes was the length of time before a bus was due and there was no way I was waiting that long.  I walked down the hill and despite the cold I must say it was a nice refreshing walk, and at 8am having only had 4 hours sleep, I needed refreshing!  

After the service was done we went back to hers with another friend of hers and her friends three children.  I always enjoy spending time at this particular friends house, though I don't go often enough.  You see she doesn't have a television which forces people to have to have that unusual thing called a 'conversation'.  A lot of people don't converse enough, especially children.  At one point she suggested we play charades and I was shocked to discover that her friends children had never heard of it.  At the risk of sounding very old, when I was a child we played games like that all the time and even now at Christmas, or other times when friends and family are gathered around, we enjoy playing games like that.  It is such a shame that television and other technology like phones and computers have limited the activities that families do together.  It also limits the amount of time we spend reading, writing and developing our imaginative, creative and communicative skills.

My best friend recently started a games night with her two boys to deter them from playing computer games all the time and to spend quality time together.  As I already spend a lot of time reading and playing games with Daniel, I'm now going try and dedicate time to play 'old school' games with my daughter or at least spend more time talking in between homework and bedtime.

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