Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Safe Journey

Tomorrow my mum will hop on the plane and be off home to the beautiful Barbados.  Though I'm happy for her I can't help but feel sad for myself.  Mothers are always so vital and though not everyone has one, I'm blessed to have one who is supportive and helpful despite her issues.  

So now that she's off again, who is going to stay up with me and play scrabble when the kids have gone to bed?  Who's going to give me a break from cooking the evening meal or hoovering the living room and moping the floors?  Who's going to babysit so I can have a night or day out with the girls?  Who's going to encourage me to shop in Lidl rather than Sainsbury's? Who is going to smile with me when Daniel says a new word or new sentence and attribute it to their teaching power?  Who is going to back me up when I have to get the pre-teen princess to do things? And who is going to drive me bonkers with there constant moaning and need for reassurance? 

On second thoughts I'm sure my best mate Gen will be happy to provide the moaning!

Safe Journey Mum, love you lots xxx


  1. I hope you mum had a safe journey, does she have internet access once shes back home? not quite the same but good for a skype chat xx

    1. Thank you mum got home safely and yes we skype regularly when she's over there but haven't as yet as she's probably busy settling back in x