Thursday, 22 November 2012

Now or Never!

When you are loving parents your children mean the world to you so anything that poses a challenge to their well being is always a concern.  

As adults the majority of us desire someone to share our lives with and when you are a single mother meeting that 'special someone,' is never easy so deciding when it's the right time to introduce them to your child/ren is almost impossible.  To read my guest article on when is the right time to introduce a new partner go over to Wriggly Rascals, you could also share your experiences by filling in their survey and helping other single mums... See You there x


  1. what a lovely photo of your two... I can imagin its always difficult waying your your own wants and the needs of the children, I'm sure your post is great - will pop over and have a read x

    1. Thank you, It is really difficult and at the moment my needs don't get a look in! I'm sure that will change in time x