Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sauntering, swagger and a tantrum

My 8 year old godson says to me today, Aunty when I came to the door I was thinking of sauntering into the room.  If you know my godson you will know that sauntering into the room is the last thing he was going to do.  He has calmed down a lot since he was younger but sauntering is still not a word I would associate with him.  When asked what sauntering means his response was, "Walking somewhere but you have to do something and it's like you have a swagger."  Goodness knows what they are teaching in his school!  You can't help but love this little man, he is always full of complements for the ladies and generally does as he is asked.

I don't understand how some parents don't recognise how special their children are.  Some start off so well with all the right intentions towards their child and partner but when the relationship with the partner breaks down the children become a thing of their past rather than a consistent part of their future.  I don't blame the men all the time though sometimes women are completely to blame for the fragmented relationships that their children have with their fathers.  Some women have the tendency to try to punish the fathers for leaving them when the fact remains they left them and not their children.

Saying that some men are complete and utter assholes and some children are lucky not to have them in their lives.  My godson used to get upset that he doesn't see his dad often but now he's so used to it that when his mum asks him if he wants her to ask his dad to come and watch his school plays etc, he replies, "Don't worry he won't turn up anyway."

And below is what he has to put up with instead...

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