Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Kissy, Kissy, Kissy

I don't know how this happened but it seems that Daniel has entered the terrible twos way ahead of schedule.  He has a mini tantrum any time he doesn't get his own way, if he brings you a book and you ask him to wait a minute he throws the book on the ground (or at you) and starts crying.  He has also gotten into the delightful habit of running away as soon as you ask to change his nappy.  And my oh so clever son seems to enjoy inflicting pain on himself, headbutting the table seems to be a favourite... what normal child does that?  Not only that but I am a complete failure when it comes to getting him to eat anything.  

We have gone through so many food phases, from not eating anything, then avoiding certain textures, then eating everything until now we are back at not eating anything except rice.  I've tried good nutritious home cooked meals whole, blended, boiled, mashed, baby food in packets, oven food but to no avail.  

I know it's my own fault for breast feeding so long but I'm finding it difficult to get him off.  He does drink a little cows milk but whenever he is tired or upset he wants breast and if he doesn't get it he cries and screams cause he knows mummy is a pushover and hates to see him upset.  If crying and screaming doesn't work he then resorts to slapping or headbutting!  

He goes from 11pm until 6am without it and was sleeping through until recently.  He has started waking up at three in the morning asking for a feed and although he goes back to sleep without it the break in my sleep is totally frustrating.  I know I can't be the only one with this problem.  I know the solution is probably just to stand my ground but who can say no to this face?

On a positive note he is soooo clever he can now 'read' (by read I mean recognise the pictures) most of the words in his first words books and even the ones he doesn't know if you say them first he can repeat them with brilliant clarity.  He has ways of getting you to understand exactly what he wants for example if he wants you to read Calm Down Boris by Sam Lloyd (lovely book) he says kissy kissy kissy.  He walks around the house with a broom or cloth and tells you he's cleaning and he even likes to put the teabag and sugar into a cup to make mummy 'cuptea' as he calls it.  He loves music and will dance to anything!

Although he can be a little gremlin he is also an absolute joy.


  1. He is just SO adorable, but broken sleep is hideous, especially when you're not expecting it. You probably do need to stand your ground and I know how tough that can be! Food - well I have one boy who eats everything and one who won't even eat potatoes! All so different.
    But fingers crossed this is just a stage Daniel's going through, and he'll be back to his good eating ways v soon! x

    1. Thank you, I really do need to toughen up! I'm glad to know it's not just Daniel that won't eat. He has some teeth coming through so fingers crossed that's what's causing the fussy eating and I will be eaten out of house and home soon x