Monday, 1 October 2012

Don't Skype Me!

I have a friend overseas (Barbados), we've been friends for a long time, he's cool to talk to and he makes me smile but sometimes he is really annoying.  He wants us to be more than just friends but I'm not ready for the relationship thing (celibacy suits me).  My girlfriend believes that it's because I'm used to talking to guys who do as they are told and he is completely the opposite.  For example he told me he wanted to purchase an ipad, now apart from it being a expensive and unnecessary toy there is nothing wrong with that but his only reason for buying the ipad... to be able to talk to me and see me on Skype 'for free.'  

I hate talking on Skype (except to my mum or best friend) for these reasons.

1.  If you call me and I'm in the position to talk but don't want to be seen this causes friction.  You want to know why and the truth is I may just be in a bad mood.
2. I come on Skype then you comment on the fact that I've not done my hair or I'm wearing jogging bottoms for the third time this week... I'm a mum I don't glam up to run around after my children, cook and clean.
3.  You can see who I'm with and what I'm doing, not that I have anything to hide but when me and my friends or just me and my children are relaxing we don't want someone up in our faces.
4. Because you know I have Skype on my phone does not mean I want to use it EVERYWHERE!

Did he listen NO!  And aside from it being annoying it's certainly not free, he had to pay for the ipad and now he has to pay for internet connection that he didn't have before.  Not only that, I can now see his reaction to certain things and lets just say I don't deal well with jealousy.

But perhaps I'm just being silly? 

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