Sunday, 19 August 2012

Jet-lag = Bed

I'm back from my beautiful island of Barbados and trying hard not to get the post holiday blues.  Within ten minutes of arriving mum had already started on the front garden and I had started washing holiday clothes.  After that it was crash straight to bed #jet-lag The trip was good, not the most fun filled and exciting holiday but a nice relaxed family holiday with a few outings to keep me sweet and plenty of days on the beach.

Daniel has now turned one and despite wanting a beach picnic for his birthday the lack of planning and the fact I spent half the day getting my hair done meant that we had a small celebration at home with cake, candles and cuddles.  It was an emotional day, I had messages and phone calls from all but one of Daniel's God parents which set off silent tears.  It's nice to know there are people around who care about your children nearly as much as you do.  It turned out to be an eventful night because as well as gifts, for his birthday Daniel had his first real fall and ended up cutting his face, after a little cry he was back up and smiling again running around in the evening heat.

The food was a massive highlight for me which meant that my mummy tummy went from beach shy to OMG who let that tiger out of the zoo!

As well as that there was the night swim at Accra Hotel on the south coast, the walk in the forest and the animals at the Wildlife reserve in St. Peter and swimming in the sea seeing the turtles off the coast at Browns Beach.


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic holiday. Great pics.

    Daniel is such a gorgeous little boy. That was some fall he had on his bday poor little thing. I bet your heart was in your mouth. All part of growing up though. Xx

    1. Thanks Natalie, he is a bit of a looker :) I was very annoyed that he hurt his little face but am happy that he is healing very well, hopefully he won't have anymore falls like that one! xxx