Sunday, 15 July 2012

Urban Art

Yesterday after having a bad start to my morning and feeling in an awfully sensitive mood I decided to take my friend up on her invitation to go an check out some local artists.  What my friend failed to mention to me was that it was a outdoor exhibition (Urban Art 2012 - Brixton) so as the sky opened up there was only one word for what I felt, WET.

However we did get the opportunity to see some inspired works.  One of the exhibitors was my Godson's uncle, Terrence Adegbenle (find him on facebook: Terrence Adegbenle Portrait Artist).

This particular piece was inspired by Nina Simone's 'Four Women,' which if you haven't heard you should!  I personally prefer Jill Scott's version and feel that Terrence has done a wonderful job of portraying the stories of the women through their expressions.  He has entitled his work 'Four Women, Four Seasons' as he felt that each woman's struggled could be represented by a season.

The artist and some of his work

There where two other artists who came with Terrance but for the life of me I can't remember one of their names!  But his work was pretty good...

The artist who's name escapes me!

UD4 Arts, can be found at

And if you're stuck for something to do today the outdoor exhibition is on unil 6pm this evening, visit for details on how to get there.

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