Friday, 13 July 2012

Pawning the Kids!

Twice this week I have been told I am turning into my mother, for some people that may be a bad thing but for me I think it's great in most ways.  As my siblings will tell you I was an absolute bookworm as a child.  If you didn't have anything new or exciting to offer then you couldn't get me out of the world of imagination.  I liked books more than I liked people, and as a consequence, apart from the friends that lived on my road, I never went out of my way to talk to anyone.  At school I was the girl that everyone liked but didn't know much about, I was always with the 'in crowd' but was more of an accessory rather than a designer dress.

Me right at the front

My mum on the other hand is as outgoing as you get and will talk to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.  She used to walk down the road singing and when the dogs would bark (her singing was that bad) she would sing louder and encourage them.  My mum would make about three new friends before reaching the end of the road and she was not afraid to stand out.

Since having my Prince I have now started to strike up conversations with complete strangers, some of whom have become really good friends.  I sing, hum and dance with my children in the shopping center no matter who is watching and I smile at almost everyone.  It turns out that when you smile more life is a lot happier.

Another way in which I have become like my mother is in my willingness to haggle and negotiate and my love of a good sale.  Unfortunately my love of a good sale has resulted in me spending more money!  My new motto has become "I might as well, it's on sale!"  Someone please stop me before I have to pawn the kids to pay off my credit cards!

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