Monday, 9 July 2012


It seems that by not agreeing to meet with a person, not returning their calls and being very formal has a different meaning in the language of men (maybe it means marry me in men-glish).  If every time I called a guy he told me he was busy or tired I would take the hint and stop calling.  I didn't want to be cruel but perhaps my next step is to tell Mr baseball cap (as mentioned in an earlier post) that my interest in him as a suitor is ZERO and not simply because I'm a commitment phob but because I'm just not into him.  The only reason I even answered my phone today was because I have a new phone and sim with no numbers on it so it could have been anyone calling and in all honesty I would have rather it been anyone but him!

And now that I've written that I feel like a complete cow, after all he's a nice guy but nice like driving a Ford Focus after you've been behind the wheel of a Bugatti Veyron (I've never driven one but they are super fast and super sexy and I have a good imagination).  Ultimately I have a picture in my mind, not just based on physical appearance, and he doesn't come close.

On a more positive note I'm beginning to sympathise  with Christian Gray and have a sneaking suspicion I may begin to like 50 shades of Grey, even if it is poorly written and trashy ;) 

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