Friday, 20 July 2012

Mad Hatter - Review Post

I've had a very busy few days getting ready to go on holiday (I'm now more than just a little excited!) On top of that I've been busy trying to entertain an 11 month old who prefers my CDs over his toys and a pre-teen who seems to think I am plotting to destroy her life if I so much as suggest she lift a finger to tidy her room.  Her chosen form of communication has now become a text message,  I could leave the room for two minutes and receive a text asking if she can meet with friends after school! What is it with pre-teens, is there so much technology now that the only purpose for a mouth is eating or muttering under their breath about how awful us mothers are?  

In the midst of all that, we were lucky enough to receive a costume from Jokers' Masquerade Fancy Dress. My first proper review post and what better to review than fancy dress?  The princess and I sat for ages looking through all the fabulous costumes until we came across a playful Mad Hatter Costume .  When it arrived I was very excited for her to try it on but her being the stroppy pre-teen thought she'd much rather I wait it out a couple of days until I'd calmed down.  I may be biased but I think the pre-teen looks good in anything, I believe I could dress her in a bin bag with another bag on her head and she'd still make it look adorable... I may test that theory out later.

When she put on the costume I of course thought she looked cute, but cute isn't a word pre-teens like unless they are referring to a baby or a boy!  The costume is bright and fun, the material feels good, you get everything you need and as it comes in sizes with enough growing room, hers is age 12-14, (though if your 12 year old is more developed as so many are these days I would go for a teen costume) she will be able to get some wear out of it... now all we need is a costume party for her to go to.

Me being me I couldn't resist squeezing myself into the costume for a few quick snaps and although it was too small for me I loved it.  If I'm lucky enough to be invited to a halloween party I'll definately go and check out their Halloween Outfits in fact I've got my eye on a witch costume with a built in body shaper (how cool is that for the mummy tummy?)


  1. You both look fab - great pose by the princess! Seriously impressed you got into an age 12-14 - there is no way I'd even get my arm into that...
    Hope you have a FANTASTIC holiday x

    1. Thank you we do try lol, trust me when I say squeezed I mean squeezed it was a task and a half getting out of it! Thank you for the holiday wishes I will try to find blogging time whilst I'm out there! x