Sunday, 1 July 2012

Amputated Toes

Last night I left my children at home, I would say that I left my best friend to look after them but in reality they were probably looking after her!  It was a chance for my big sister to dress up a little and go for a meal so I had to make a little effort.  The pre-teen princess (who is often the authority on what I wear out) insisted that I wear heals.  They looked great and I even got complemented by a lady on the train, but killer heals are just that, killers!  My toes felt like they were a step away from amputation and my legs haven't wobbled that much in a long time.  Jazz was clever enough to have brought along a pair of flats in her bag, my sister and I in our 'wisdom' hadn't bought bags big enough to cater for an extra phone let alone an extra pair of shoes!

We met up at London Bridge and made our way from there to a restaurant in Oxford Circus named Vapiano.  The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and I love that you get to watch the chefs do their thing and choose the type of pasta you have from 11 varieties. After being chatted up by a chef I sat down and tucked into Scampie Spinaci, King prawns served with basil pesto and spinach in a cream sauce and a side order of Bruschetta. I'm not one for tomatoes but the Bruschetta was wonderful the food was cooked to perfection and went down leaving me completely satisfied.

After the meal we hopped on the bus to Piccadilly Circus and went into TGIs for a drink. By the end of the evening all three of us were in flat shoes (my sister and I having picked up a pair of flip flops from a souvenir shop).

And in no particular order here are the snaps of the evening...

Drinks at TGI

My sister and her sister-in-law looking glam

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