Monday, 25 June 2012

Hackney Weekend with the pre-teen princess

It seems like the last couple of days have been non stop, didn't arrive back to my house from Paris until late Saturday evening then had to be up early to go to Hackney Weekend.  I was lucky enough to get tickets for the pre-teen and I to go and spend some one on one time doing the thing she loves most, listening to music.  It was the first time I was leaving Daniel without Tianna there to provide that extra comfort and I was a little anxious at first, but I must say even though we both missed him loads, the day was well worth it.  

Us one girl away from the barrier!

It wasn't watching the artists or soaking in the festival atmosphere that made it a good day but it was spending quality time just me and Tee.  Daniel and I are always together and it's sometimes easy to forget that me and the pre-teen hardly get a minute with just the two of us.  My aim now is to try and spend a little more quality time with Tianna.

All of the performances we saw were great but for me and Tianna, Jessie J topped them all, she was amazing.  That girl can really sing.  And the other performer who really knows how to work a crowd (and is a cutie) was Tinie Tempah.

We were lucky enough (or unlucky if we count the Rhianna fans trying to climb over the pre-teen to see her) to be right at the front.  We left after Rhianna's opening song to avoid the pre-teen getting any further injury.  Luckily the security team were great and they got her over the barrier quickly.  After a few tears of shock she was smiling again and talking about how silly the fans were because they were crying because they could see their idol.  We took lots of photos at the event but I've chosen the best ones to share with you.

Jessie smashed it on stage and I love her shoes!

We were disappointed that Dizzy was the 'special guest' but he gave a good performance.

Rhianna asking a fan to fix her bra.

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