Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Disaster Date

One of the things I love about blogging is also one of the things I don't like so much and that is that people who know you can read it.  I love sharing things with my friends and family but if I decide to blog about someone I have to limit what I say so as not to offend.  For example, just before I went to Paris I went on a date (yes with an actual man) and really wanted to blog about it but the guy I went out with has trained to be a private investigator.  I haven't told him I blog, I'm not even sure he knows my last name but what if he's found out some how?  But today when he called to ask how my trip was I thought to heck with it I'm going to blog it anyway!

So I met 'Mr Baseball Cap' (the nickname will become apparent) at a blessing for my friends babies, apart from the fact that he's about the same height as me he seemed ok but then I wasn't looking at him as a potential mate so ok was absolutely fine.  A week after meeting him my friend then told me that he was constantly asking about me and wanted my number.  I agreed to go on a date with him as I thought maybe it was time I got out.  I may sound shallow but here are his mistakes...

1. Age 35 and still on pay as you go
I've had my own contract phone since the age of 18.  Now there is nothing wrong with pay as you go as a second line but at the age of 35 I would expect you to have a contract phone.  Your credit can't be that bad can it?

2. Told me your 'a bit short on cash'
He works as a personal trainer which every girl can understand can be a job where the work varies and there are some weeks that one might be short on cash but for goodness sake don't tell her about it.  Especially not before you take her out.  His statement made me change plans and say lets go for coffee instead. (That way he didn't have to shell out loads and I could make a quick escape if it was disastrous.)

3. Turned up in a washed out baseball cap and hoodie
Not only was the baseball cap not the stylish type that you see rappers and young boys wearing but he had bent the peak... who does that anymore?  And I don't mean it was curved I mean I think he actually bent it!  I may be wrong he could be completely on trend but it's not something I like.  

I on the other hand had ditched my usual can't be bothered clothing style and had made a little bit of an effort, semi-casual.  I'm really going to feel like a cow saying this but just before he walked up to meet me I bumped into my dad, who had been away for months, we were talking when I caught a glimpse of Mr Baseball Cap in the corner of my eye and rushed my dad so that he wouldn't see Mr Baseball Cap because trust me my dad would have peed himself laughing.

4.  Being too short
This one he can't help, in fact I'm short, and I'm not opposed to dating short men but they have to have the whole package.

5. Texted or Called almost every day
This is probably more my problem than his but unless we've really got to know each other I'm not into the whole mushy stuff.  I like to take my time and kisses at the end of a text message are a no no.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't a complete disaster there were some good points...

1. We had good conversation
It's not often I can talk to someone about religion without them getting offended or argumentative.  We had a nice conversation and he told me about his beliefs which were a little strange but any beliefs that put women in charge as queens must be a good thing :)

2.  He comes across as a motivated person
He told me he is a planner.  He has many plans for the future and is in the process of starting up a couple of businesses, one linked with his personal training the other with his private investigating, which is wonderful.

Overall I think he is perfect friend material, or maybe perfect for one of my friends...


  1. Guffaw. Always a bit tricky when you're not feeling your date 100%.

    Like your attitude and this post made me chuckle x

    1. Yes very tricky! Thank you and I'm glad I made you chuckle, especially as I know you've been a bit frustrated lately, always nice to have a giggle to break up the stress x

  2. So what he is a planner? When is he planning to get a contract phone?