Friday, 22 June 2012

Call in the Army - Disney Style

Now that I have returned to the world of blogging it's only right that I skip the country so I have something to blog about right?

Well my friend Gen decided that dragging me to Paris to see grown men and women dance around in costume was a good idea.  Yes that's right I got dragged (smiling, laughing and skipping) all the way to Disney Land.  As we were staying with her sons father we were quite far from Disney and I have to admit, I'm a big kid so the long journey there was torture.  I kept the 'are we there yet's' in my head and acted like a grown up, that was until we reached the park.  As soon as we were through security I ran off and left everyone to snap my first pics!  Unfortunately as I forgot my camera lead those pictures will be added on Saturday night.

What did I think of disney land?  Hmmmm for me it was just an over-priced giant toy shop.  I loved meeting and greeting the characters and it was very beautiful to look at but my amusement ends there.  Maybe in reality I am more of an old grouch than I'd like to think, however the pre-teen reassures me that she felt the same.  To top it off whilst we were watching Playhouse Disney Live the rain came down in abundance and completely soaked the pushchairs, coats and everything else we had left at the buggy park.  Not only that but we had the threat of being left stranded in Paris looming over us due to, lets call it a miscommunication, between our host and my friend.  In order to avoid a headache I kept out of it as best I could and we managed to sort the situation out.  Thankfully they don't see each other very often or I'd have to call in the army!


  1. Hope your journey home was ok after all that.
    My kids are desperate to go to Euro Disney, but I'm putting it off until my husband's back !

    Really, really hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you in another meme (sorry - there seem to be a lot around at the moment...) It's called 11 and again only do it if you feel like it x

    1. Hi thanks, apart from missing our train the journey was stress free! Yes best to have both of you in case not everyone wants to go on the rides! I'll have a look at the meme and try and join in x