Tuesday, 1 May 2012

'That Friend'

Being a parent can be so hard!  The pre-teen has got to that age where she is asking to go places after school.  She has always been very trustworthy but with all those pre-teen hormones running around you might trust them but can you REALLY trust them??

The first time she asked me if she could go out after school was to go to an ice cream parlour for her birthday; I hesitantly agreed knowing that it was a five minute walk from school and directly on the bus route home.  Did I regret it, yes!  Only because she then decided that I wouldn’t mind if she went into the park quickly before returning, needless to say we had words that night. 

Now she has started ‘working’ for a local magazine and to follow up a link she has been asked to visit her old school.  I didn’t take much persuading but I knew that she’d probably be going with ‘that friend’.  There is always that one friend that you don’t really trust, the one who has a reputation, the one that will whisper in their ear and encourage them to do the one thing you told them not to.  My princess is a good girl and very strong willed (I’ve tried to teach her to be influential rather than influenced, as parents do) but I can’t help but worry about her hanging around with ‘that friend’.  She insists that her friend has changed and is no longer the way I remember her so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, we all have the potential to change, I was probably ‘that friend’ in the mind of someone’s mother!
Me and 'the wife' at school

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