Sunday, 6 May 2012

Small Rant

The past few days I’ve had an emotion stirring within me that is unnatural to me.  Everyone who knows me, except maybe my mother, will tell you I’m a very chilled individual and it takes a lot to make me angry.  However for the last three days that is exactly the emotion that has been bubbling below the surface of my calm exterior. 

Everyone has relationships that go wrong, whether they be friendships, family fall outs or romantic relationships we’ve all been there.  Sometimes it’s a minor argument that resolves itself in minutes, other times the scar is so deep it takes years to heal.  For an unfortunate amount of people those wounds of a failed relationship go with them to the grave.  I’m writing this because I feel like if I don’t write it the feeling will remain within me like a poison slowly destroying my good nature and turning me into one of those cold people that I try so hard to avoid.

The person to which my anger is directed cried on my shoulder the last time I saw them and not those soft gentle tears but sobbing ‘omg I’m going to break down’ kind of tears.  That’s not what makes me angry, I don’t mind being the shoulder to cry on, and in fact I’m used to it.   My problem is this; when they were done wetting my shoulder with their tears and had the strength to go on they forgot that I might one day need a shoulder too.

Ok rant over, back to being chilled.


  1. everyone needs to rant sometimes, hope the friend realises and lets you lean on their shoulder too soon, its good to write and get the ranty feelings out to stop them festering and boiling over xx

  2. Friendships changing/ending/troubles are the theme of my life at the mo - definitely relate to this xxx

    1. So hard but things have to get better x

  3. Hope you are feeling upbeat again soon.

    It's horrible feeling angry, but much better to get it all out in the form of a rant than keep it pent up inside I say x