Friday, 11 May 2012

Princess Art

As I sat in my living room watching Daniel play I noticed he had something in his hand that I had never seen before.  From a distance it could have been mistaken for a toy and as my friend had been over with her son the previous day I thought it might have been one of his.  When I got closer this is what I saw…

Tianna’s art work, I had seen her drafts and heard her speak about it, I had even told her I was excited to see the finished product but what does she do when she gets it home?  Puts it on the floor and doesn’t mention it.  I fell in love with it straight away.   Maybe because I’m one of those mothers that loves everything their children does or maybe just because I like the weird and wonderful.  In my opinion, biased as it may be, I think the pre-teen princess did very well indeed.

On another note the little prince is walking all over the place now, I love it!

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