Monday, 14 May 2012

Nappies and a Munch

Daniel’s swimming lesson was cancelled but after a couple of days of nice weather we decided we would still go out and face the rain!  I really hope they don’t cancel any more lessons as my new found love for swimming may go down the pan. 

Even under cover he looks adorable :)

Unfortunately for my bank account rain meant more money spent, I couldn’t exactly walk through town in the rain now could I?  I did a bit of food shopping (mostly cake ingredients) and picked up two tops from quiz that will be perfect for Barbados. 
One of the tops I bought

In an attempt to help Daniel’s eczema, save money and go green we will be trying out cloth nappies courtesy of the Real Nappies forLondon scheme (they give you vouchers towards purchasing or washing your nappies) .  I thought this was a good idea so that I wouldn’t have to buy nappies abroad as they tend to be more expensive.  The nappies have arrived and although they look a little bulky I’ll give them a wash then try them out!

Oh and the little prince has made mummy proud once again because now he can get down from the sofa feet first without me having to turn him around.  I love my clever munchkins!

I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned and am not  receiving any incentives for writing this post. 


  1. Barbados! How lovely - are you going soon?
    Wonderful that Daniel enjoys swimming - I wish I'd taken mine more. Feel like it's something I've neglected and I regret that now.

    I wondered if you'd be up for doing a meme? It's the 'How do I find the time to....' one, and it's quite long! If you'd like to do it I'll tag you, if not, no worries - just let me know. I haven't posted my list yet - been a bit distracted sorting out birthdaysx2, but will try to do it by the end of the week xx

  2. I'm travelling at the end of July, super excited :) Don't have regrets have opportunities for improvement, you may not have taking them much in the past but you can take them more in the present. I hardly ever took my daughter when she was younger now I take her every week and she has already shown such an improvement :)

    I would love to do a meme, tag me in and I'll 'find the time' ;) xxx

    1. Great! Promise I'll post it Sat. It's taken me ages! x