Thursday, 3 May 2012

Bargain Hunt

Usually this awful weather would have kept me indoors but for one reason or another I’ve been out almost every day this week and the weekend seems like it may be busy too.

This week I’ve found myself wanting to get rid of things and have had to stop myself from emptying the contents of my living room.  I once on impulse (and because of misguidance) threw away all my CDs and any item of clothing that allowed my flesh to peak threw.  As a consequence I now only own about 30 music CDs and not a single skirt that sits above the knee, silly woman I am.  Now with my holiday looming I’ll have to go shopping for suitably skimpy sun wear!

Unfortunately the mummy tummy won’t allow for the wearing of bikini’s or those cropped bralets that I’ve seen so much of but I’m happy to shop until I find all the right things!

The pre-teen has been lucky I’ve managed to bag her a few bargains in the new look sale. Will take a few snaps of some bargains when I get the chance and if anyone knows where to get some let me know!

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