Monday, 2 April 2012

It's a Goal

It’s a Goal

Listography time and setting goals is the aim!  This seems to have been the topic of conversation for me for the past week.  Setting goals has always been a strong point for me, I generally achieve what I set out to except in relationships.  In relationships I’m rubbish.  I could probably write my whole list of goals based on things I need to improve on when entering or in the course of a romantic relationship but that would be opening myself up far more than I’m prepared to.  Instead here are my five goals…
1.        Read
Don’t get me wrong I read every day; blogs, status’s, tweets, news articles, case law but as far as books go I’ve not read a book cover to cover since 2010!  So It’s April 2nd  I will aim to have finished one book between now and the end of the month.
2.       Swim
Those who know me know that I hate swimming, especially in cold water however my daughter loves it!  So more for her sake than mine I will swim this month… even as I write this I’m thinking of whacking out some sessions in this half term break so that I can get it over with.  And no matter how worried I am about Daniel swimming I MUST book him some lessons.
3.       Leave Daniel with a friend
I’ve only left Daniel twice to do something on my own and both times was with my mother but since she’s not here I will have to leave him with a friend.  I need to have at least two hours to myself this month and get myself used to not being with him. I have tickets for Tianna and I to go to a music festival in June and he’ll have to stay with a friend so this month will be my first step in getting ready to leave him for the day.
4.       Find work
I spent two years at home with my daughter before going back to work but this time around I’d like to do things a little differently.  I want to find work that I can do from home so that not only am I spending time with the children but I’m earning so we can do more.  With the cost of childcare being so high I’d much rather take care of my own children.
5.       Spend 30 mins per day on Maths
This goal is more for my daughter than for myself but I have to enforce it.  She hates maths but she’s good at it, she just needs to build her confidence.  So for this month I’m going to spend half an hour Monday-Friday helping her become maths confident.

There we go now they are in the blogosphere I guess I have to do them!


  1. I like your goals and I really feel for you on number 2 but the more you do it the easier it is. I was hopeless about it all but it's true that practice makes perfect. And good luck with the swimming - agree that it's really important so well done on getting out of your comfort zone. x

  2. You're such a sweetie! With you on all your points - seriously, I could've written them for myself! Reading, finding work, swimming, math... I have left my children once with a friend just for an hour, and it wasn't too bad after all! You can do it girl! Great list and thanks for sharing xxx

  3. Sounds like a great list. So nice to see a Mum including her children in her goal setting. I feel a bit selfish now!

  4. Love your list! Really good luck with the swimming and job hunting! I'm sure it will be fine when you do leave your little boy with a friend - we usually ask family, but recently had to ask a friend and our little man had a lovely time!

  5. I am going to try and read as well. Good luck with the swimming x

  6. Good luck with your goals, i can really identify with the swimming one. I hate the thought of getting all cold and shivery but the kids love it so much dont they!

  7. I really like your list! I too have not read a full sized novel in quite some time and I miss it.