Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gem of the Caribbean

Took Daniel for his first swimming lesson yesterday, it only lasted half an hour but was really good fun.  My sister’s back from Jamaica so Isa swam too.  Having enjoyed splashing in the sea whilst on holiday I’m pretty sure he was not pleased that the pool experience was not as nice as the Caribbean sea!  Daniel however has yet to experience the difference.  I’m so excited about them being able to swim that I’m actually enjoying the pool myself.

After swimming we went back to my sisters so I could check out her holiday snaps, they were lovely.  We ended up having a discussion with her husband about which waters are clearer, Barbados or Jamaica.  As I’ve not been to Jamaica it’s not fair for me to make the comparison but if anyone wants to take me I’ll be happy to offer my view.  I must however admit that it’s hard not to be bias and Barbados is the country of my birth and has also been known as the gem of the Caribbean sea.

In the evening we went to Cosmo to celebrate Frankie’s second birthday.  It doesn’t seem real that two years have passed since this little man was born.  It’s amazing how much he has changed and developed!  He’s such a clever and handsome little boy and we were glad to celebrate his birthday with him. 

We had a nice time sampling the different meals but to be honest I feel that Cosmo is an overrated experience and not somewhere I’m likely to go again.  The highlight of the evening for me was Connie’s home-made Peppa and George cupcakes yum!

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