Friday, 6 April 2012



Today we went swimming!  I am astounded that I actually enjoyed myself.  I dragged my best mate aka ‘the wife’ and kids along with me which was great because whilst Tianna got to play with Dieudonne, Gen and I got to play with the two younger ones.  When I first got in the water seemed freezing but 5 minutes later I had forgotten the cold and I was able to enjoy the water with Daniel.

One of the girls who used to run T’s after school club was there with her children one of which was born on the same day as Daniel.  With her encouragement I dunked Daniel under the water for the first time and she did the same with her little one.  His face was a sight when he came up but a couple more times and he loved it!  I’m now excited about his swimming lessons roll on April 16th! That’s 2 April Goals down 3 to go!

And after all that excitement my prince is sleeping peacefully :) 

Lets hope I don't wake him when I get his PJs on!

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