Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bumpers, Men and M&Ms

Yesterday I had a fantastic day with my mini mes.  I had planned to be up and out by 10am but the joys of having a pre-teen that doesn’t like deadlines meant that at 11 we were still hairdressing (or undressing as the case may be, she was taking out her cane row) and didn’t leave the house until 12pm.  We had one motive only – Icecream or to be precise Häagen-Dazs.  As I hadn’t had much sleep the night before I thought that the day would turn out to be a disaster with me moaning and Tianna walking five paces behind me bbm moaning.  Thankfully this wasn’t the case and the walk into Croydon  proved full of laughter singing and jumping around… and that was mostly coming from me! 

The journey to Leicester square was unbelievably pleasurable, usually travelling anywhere in central London with a pushchair is a nightmare but it seemed like every man passing (all clad in smart suits briefcases in hand) wanted to help me; on the train, off the train, up the stairs, down the stairs and ensure I had space to sit down, one even passed and offered to take a picture of me and the children on the pre-teens phone.  It seems that the recession has done this country some good, whatever happened to the arrogant Londoners that would barely offer a smile let alone offer to help you!  I won’t complain it only added to my increasingly good mood and made the pre-teen giggle saying “Mum you’re attracting very smart looking men.”  This is as opposed to the usual type I attract (One’s that use words such as ‘sweetness’ and ‘baby-girl’ whilst they watch you struggle onto buses with baby, shopping and buggy in hand so that they can admire your ‘bumper’).

We found the  Häagen-Dazs  shop without any trouble and our ice-cream was delicious.  Tianna being the ever so ‘tidy’ child she is made sure she left some work for the waitress!

After a quick look around M&M World (in my opinion an overpriced sweet shop) we walked up to oxford street before heading home for some R&R.  I could tell Daniel had enjoyed his day because unlike the usual tears from the bus stop to the door crying to be taken out the buggy, we had a smiling little boy talking away to himself, probably about the exciting things he saw, or the strange way his mummy and sister where bouncing about all day yo-yoing him in and out of his buggy!  We got home at about 7 so altogether a nice long family day out.


  1. Aww what a lovely day! Isn't it so nice when people help you out for a change ;)
    Your kiddies are sooo cute! :)

    1. It is lovely and makes such a difference to your day. Thank you I totally agree they are cute my little blessings x