Sunday, 22 April 2012

Bucket full of crazy

This week over a Kate Takes 5, Kate has set this week's Listography challenge as the Top 5 wishes for my child.  I’ve decided that I will do the top five wishes for Tianna, not that I don’t want wishes for Daniel but his would be different and this would turn into a top 10 list!  I’ve chosen to do it slightly differently and instead of deciding all the wishes myself I have called upon my two closest friends and my mother to make wishes for her leaving the last two for myself and her father.

1.     ‘Aunty Gen’ known by many alias e.g. the wife or the sister from another mister, has chosen an educational wish for Tianna - to attend Oxford or Cambridge and get a 1st Degree and Masters.  She said she chose this because she has always believed that my princess has the potential to achieve at the highest level.  I agree though I’m not too bothered about where she goes as long as she makes the best of all her opportunities.

2.    ‘Grandma Angel’ My mother and best friend wishes for Tianna that she has a long, healthy and successful life.  She has also wished her to give her great grandchildren but only if Tianna wants them.  Technically this could count as four wishes but because she is my mother her wishes carry more weight and I will allow her this.

3.    ‘Aunty Gee’  the multi-layered friend, who is intelligent and fun wrapped up with a bucket full of crazy.  She has chosen to wish that Tianna fulfil the potential of every moment having no regrets.   I share this wish and would say that she should live each moment as though it was her last, not in a reckless way but in a way that brings love and success in floods.

4.    Daddy wishes for his princess to have a comfortable life and not to have to struggle for anything.  A good Daddy wish from the man of little words.

5.    My wish for my princess is that she allows disappointment to build her rather than break her.  Self-evaluation is a strong tool, I don’t want her to be over critical and become depressed but to recognise where she has gone wrong and improve from that.


  1. Sounds as though she has real life fairy godmothers/fathers! Surrounded by such loving wishes, she's bound to flourish.

  2. Lovely wishes and great photo of you both too xx

  3. What a blessed girl having so many people wishing so many wonderful things for her. I especially like her Daddy's wish!

    1. Thank you, I think he will probably read this and his head will get bigger than it already is lol x

  4. Wow how utterly wonderful!

  5. I love the fact that the wishes came from 5 special people in Tianna's life :)
    My favourite was your wish - taking difficulties and seeing them as a way forward to something even better!
    Great list!

  6. Wow, what a fantastic list! Cool approach to the task.
    All the wishes are wonderful, there is so much love evident there.
    And I liked your number 5 - a very brave and loving wish.

  7. Such a lovely idea to ask family and friends who know her so well to make a wish. Wonderful list and gorgeous pics too.